What are millennials thinking about?

I am a participant in the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey Summer Institute for Educators. We've officially been in session a week, and it is very interesting to network with local businesses, tour facilities, and sit down with both public and private sector companies to identify what skill-sets are sought. And one major theme centers around millennials. Millennials (as defined by … [Read more...]

4 Social Media Customer Service Tips for 2016

With social media and our "always on" society, customer service has become one of the most important ways in which businesses can engage with stakeholders and improve brand loyalty. I've spent the last couple of weeks reviewing some important facets that are crucial to ensuring a positive response of major brands and services . Ranked below, (in order) are the most important strategies to keep in … [Read more...]

Becoming a Social Media Consultant, Summer 2015

It's officially Summer for me, as I've wrapped up my first year of teaching in a new district. As you might recall, last year, I tried to become a social media consultant. I didn't have much luck, as I had only a few weeks before school started, and it's hard trying to get in touch with local businesses. Local businesses just don't think about social media the same way that larger corporations … [Read more...]

After failed Google+, will Google buy Twitter

The news of the day in the social media world is that Twitter stock has risen 4%, based on takeover claims. According to Mashable: Twitter shares spiked by as much as 4% on Tuesday amid gossip in the investment community that the company had hired advisors — reportedly including Goldman Sachs — to deal with takeover bids. I bet the next news that we start to hear is about Google and their focus … [Read more...]

Girl Scout Cookies to be sold online

The Girl Scout Cookies have entered the social media space, switching to allow online sales of Girl Scout cookies. I’ve seen so much buzz around the social media space in the past in regards to Girl Scout Cookies, and this will be interesting to see how it affects sales. Apparently, each Girl Scout will have their own storefront, and be able to invite people to their store via email. As part of … [Read more...]

Social Media Consultant, Week 1

I've spent the last week trying to build a portfolio of clients for my Social Media Consultant business. I first started with local establishments, by looking at their Website and Social Media Pages. I used a rubric to score each of the clients on their websites, with categories like "Frequency of Updates, Visual Appeal, Engagement with Fans, and Enticing to new customers." Each of these … [Read more...]

Becoming a Social Media Consultant

I have decided that I wanted to become a social media consultant on my own, after seeing a lot of success due to actions that I've implemented in the different places that I've worked. Over time, I've seen bosses make the big money (as they probably should- assuming the risk and such), but I've wondered if I can make it on my own. So I'm starting to blog about how I'm going about this transition … [Read more...]

Snapchat: Coupons for Business

Snapchat Logo copyright Snapchat, Inc. This website/Author has no affiliation with Snapchat, Inc. We’ve seen the disappearance of the 14-25 year old demographic off of Facebook (http://www.businessinsider.com/decline-of-facebook-user-numbers-2014-4). But to which platform has this demographic moved? One of the biggest (and largely untapped) resources for businesses is Snapchat. And Snapchat could … [Read more...]

The Social Giveaway- A quick way to build fans of a product brand

Today, I ended up entering a contest on Twitter- one in which a Sony Camera- the QX100, was being used as a giveaway for the @Sony Main Twitter Page. I’ve been working for ArtsPromo lately, an organization that runs the digital media accounts of various musical groups and artists. It’s interesting how I forgot how effective a product giveaway contest can promote a product so easily via social … [Read more...]

How Twitter should fix their implementation of Direct Messages

Twitter is continuing to grow in market share (currently 5.3 % in the United States, Feb 2013), which has caused twitter to evaluate and implement new features.  We have entered the phase of Twitter’s life where these updates are revisional in nature; with a focus on trying to create the perfect place for someone to spend time without leaving the site (something all social networks are … [Read more...]