To the friends I’ve lost along the way

It's really interesting to realize that as life goes on, it tends to get a little more lonely.  You lose touch, and eventually lose friends. The most important fact is to realize that loss of friends is natural. The first time I started to realize this fact was college. Everyone from high school goes off, to their own corner of the world. And out of your group of friends, you only really … [Read more...]

“Who’s left to make band special!? All the special people are gone- how is band going to be special?”

As you’re most likely aware, I’m a teacher.  I’m probably on a way to becoming a good teacher.  I had the pleasure of being a student of George N. Parks, one of my favorite teachers of all time.It’s so hard to look at a teacher and say exactly WHY you think they were a great teacher.  Probably every great teacher that you have ever had possesses the same trait, but I can’t put my … [Read more...]

How do I get the person of my dreams? How do I win someone back?

I have been spending a couple of months seeing a couple of people go through some difficult times, and it’s hard to explain all my thoughts in person to them at one point in time.  These guys have gone through the relationship gauntlet, and received the statement of “I don’t see a future with you.”  But these guys had different responses.  One went on to think about finding the … [Read more...]

6 years later: I miss you, Dad

“Does it depress you, to know just how alone you truly are?” – The Dark Knight Right before I went to college, my Dad, Doug DeFuria, was very sick.  I took him to HealthAlliance Hospital in Leominster for a heart checkup, but he wasn’t doing very well.  They ended up finding an ulcer. As it turns out, that ulcer was cancerous and had metastasized.  He had cancer throughout his … [Read more...]

My Quarter Life Crisis

It's been a long, long time since I've updated this blog.  In just a few days, I will be turning 25 years old; a quarter of a century.  And it has got me very much worried about the future. Let me rewind and update you on 2012 as a whole.  I ended a relationship that didn't have a future in June, which had me bummed for most of the summer.  We were talking about the future, planning for a … [Read more...]

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” is another of George N. Parks great quotes to get you thinking about life in a very broad sense. It really does make sense that if you react positively, good things will happen to you.  If you respond negatively, bad things will happen to you.  We as people need to be more positive, to respond positively so that more people … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Foods

I always look forward to the Super Bowl, for a variety of reasons.  While I sometimes enjoy the game (and look forward to a New England Patriots Defeat), I like the gathering of friends, the commercials, and the food.  The Hangar is always crazy, and you have to order Wings ahead of time.  We decided that the following are choices for what we can have during the big game. … [Read more...]

How long does it take to make a habit? How long does it take to make a routine?

I have been thinking about habits versus routines, and how long a good estimate when it comes to a habit versus a routine.  Specifically, I have started going to the gym again regularly, and have tried to determine what stage I am in in regards to a habit or a routine. I think a habit is when something is completed 5 consecutive days.  Therefore the gym is now a habit for me, because … [Read more...]

Do we really ever “grow up?”

Today was one of the best days that I’ve had in a while, and it wasn’t so because of anything that happened before about 3:30 pm.  Come to think about it, I was having a pretty frustrating day until 3:30 pm.  But the major change in that was getting a text from one of my dear friends asking to go to The Hangar in Amherst, MA for all you can eat wings. The Hangar has all you can eat … [Read more...]

The Secret of Life

I was laying here in bed, thinking about how much I accomplished today (and then I realized I forgot to update my blog) and realized that I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to.  I’m pretty sure that it’s one of those lessons; Life has interruptions, distractions, and missing pieces.  Life isn’t perfect. And with all those interruptions, distractions, and missing pieces, life … [Read more...]