Becoming a Social Media Consultant, Summer 2015

It's officially Summer for me, as I've wrapped up my first year of teaching in a new district. As you might recall, last year, I tried to become a social media consultant. I didn't have much luck, as I had only a few weeks before school started, and it's hard trying to get in touch with local businesses. Local businesses just don't think about social media the same way that larger corporations … [Read more...]

Social Media Consultant, Week 1

I've spent the last week trying to build a portfolio of clients for my Social Media Consultant business. I first started with local establishments, by looking at their Website and Social Media Pages. I used a rubric to score each of the clients on their websites, with categories like "Frequency of Updates, Visual Appeal, Engagement with Fans, and Enticing to new customers." Each of these … [Read more...]

Becoming a Social Media Consultant

I have decided that I wanted to become a social media consultant on my own, after seeing a lot of success due to actions that I've implemented in the different places that I've worked. Over time, I've seen bosses make the big money (as they probably should- assuming the risk and such), but I've wondered if I can make it on my own. So I'm starting to blog about how I'm going about this transition … [Read more...]