Becoming a Social Media Consultant

I have decided that I wanted to become a social media consultant on my own, after seeing a lot of success due to actions that I've implemented in the different places that I've worked. Over time, I've seen bosses make the big money (as they probably should- assuming the risk and such), but I've wondered if I can make it on my own. So I'm starting to blog about how I'm going about this transition … [Read more...]

Snapchat: Coupons for Business

Snapchat Logo copyright Snapchat, Inc. This website/Author has no affiliation with Snapchat, Inc. We’ve seen the disappearance of the 14-25 year old demographic off of Facebook ( But to which platform has this demographic moved? One of the biggest (and largely untapped) resources for businesses is Snapchat. And Snapchat could … [Read more...]