Becoming a Social Media Consultant

I have decided that I wanted to become a social media consultant on my own, after seeing a lot of success due to actions that I've implemented in the different places that I've worked. Over time, I've seen bosses make the big money (as they probably should- assuming the risk and such), but I've wondered if I can make it on my own. So I'm starting to blog about how I'm going about this transition … [Read more...]

Marketing in 2012 using Blogs

With a week down in 2012, I decided it was time to talk about the future of what we are going to see in regards to products and social media.  Many people are turning to personal blogs to share their opinions on politics, products, brands, and more.  This shift is going to drive a shift away from a materials driven economy to one that values longevity. Think about it: more people have … [Read more...]

Social Media in 2011

What do I see happening in Social Media in 2011?  To tell you the truth, a lot.  I see a lot of brands switching their markting styles to incorporate social media.  I see online advertisements being more effctive than television and print advertisement.  And I see an older crowd joining social media. More companies have been noticing the effectiveness of social media in moving their products.  … [Read more...]