The Social Giveaway- A quick way to build fans of a product brand

Today, I ended up entering a contest on Twitter- one in which a Sony Camera- the QX100, was being used as a giveaway for the @Sony Main Twitter Page. I’ve been working for ArtsPromo lately, an organization that runs the digital media accounts of various musical groups and artists. It’s interesting how I forgot how effective a product giveaway contest can promote a product so easily via social … [Read more...]

How Twitter should fix their implementation of Direct Messages

Twitter is continuing to grow in market share (currently 5.3 % in the United States, Feb 2013), which has caused twitter to evaluate and implement new features.  We have entered the phase of Twitter’s life where these updates are revisional in nature; with a focus on trying to create the perfect place for someone to spend time without leaving the site (something all social networks are … [Read more...]

What is social media? 2012 Edition

All too often, people are thinking that social media is just Facebook and Twitter.  Social media is a lot more than just updating statuses, and I will post what social media is evolving into in 2012.  Social media will be an ever evolving concept, but these are some good guidelines to focus on. Social Media is a way to meet the following needs. Communications: You are able to update … [Read more...]

Job Hunting with Social Media in 2012

The internet has many opportunities as a venue for job searches.  In fact, there are so many opportunities that it’s hard to search through the millions of websites that offer jobs.  I am going to recommend the best strategy for job searching in 2012, and finding your dream job via social media. The first thing you need to do is create your Linkedin account.  Linkedin offers … [Read more...]

Social Media in 2011

What do I see happening in Social Media in 2011?  To tell you the truth, a lot.  I see a lot of brands switching their markting styles to incorporate social media.  I see online advertisements being more effctive than television and print advertisement.  And I see an older crowd joining social media. More companies have been noticing the effectiveness of social media in moving their products.  … [Read more...]

Most Popular Tweet this week “Christmas”

Mashable posted an article today about the most popular trends this week.  Christmas was the most popular topic, followed by the Lunar Eclipse and others.  Does it mean more twitter users celebrate Christmas?  I’m not exactly sure. However, it does mean that we in the social media game can investigate what people are tweeting along with Christmas.  As the article pointed out, … [Read more...]