4 Social Media Customer Service Tips for 2016

With social media and our “always on” society, customer service has become one of the most important ways in which businesses can engage with stakeholders and improve brand loyalty. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reviewing some important facets that are crucial to ensuring a positive response of major brands and services . Ranked below, (in order) are the most important strategies to keep in mind when performing social media customer service.

  1. Timeliness– Social media is NOT a 9-5 job, it is a 24/7/365 one. Consumers will always have something to get upset about, and it is important the social outlet is always open to accommodate consumers with diverse schedules. This can often be done “Shift” wise- Morning, Afternoon, and Night Shifts.
  2. Empathize– Many times (especially in the tech sphere), the narrative is the same. (“Did you try unplugging it, and plugging it back in?”) This can be extremely frustrating. Customers want to be heard, AND want to be respected.
  3. Resolutions in Moderation– It’s important to take the amount of frustration into account when compensating every customer. While it may be a minor issue in your eyes, the customer may see differently. When compensating in the social sphere, round up.
  4. Follow-Up: We often forget this last step- making sure that everything is working a few days later. Customers want to felt cared for, and this step emphasizes your care for the consumer.

You consistently hear about the companies that rank low in customer satisfaction. I recently noticed (on LinkedIn) the amount of effort that Comcast is putting in to Customer Relations, and applied for one of the social media jobs. Positive results would be apparent by using the above strategy.