What are millennials thinking about?

I am a participant in the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey Summer Institute for Educators. We've officially been in session a week, and it is very interesting to network with local businesses, tour facilities, and sit down with both public and private sector companies to identify what skill-sets are sought. And one major theme centers around millennials. Millennials (as defined by … [Read more...]

President Obama’s Tax Speech 6/29/2011- Campaign Promises or Actual Promises?

Today we were turning on “The Price is Right,” but were greeted by a speech by President Obama about topics having to do with taxes, and how we need to fix the budget deficit.  The speech was quite eloquent and practical. offering solutions to problems.  However, the alarm was going off in my head and warning me of campaign promises that have yet to be accomplished.  Is this a speech to raise a … [Read more...]