Social Media Consultant, Week 1

DSCN0680I’ve spent the last week trying to build a portfolio of clients for my Social Media Consultant business. I first started with local establishments, by looking at their Website and Social Media Pages. I used a rubric to score each of the clients on their websites, with categories like “Frequency of Updates, Visual Appeal, Engagement with Fans, and Enticing to new customers.” Each of these categories was worth 4 points, for a total of 16 points. I then looked at the pages that scored a 10 or below, and contacted the owners of those businesses to see if I could help them.

Here’s the email I was sending:

Hi there,

I just moved to the area, and am trying to build my social media business. I’ve identified Siri’s Thai French Cuisine as one of the places that could benefit from social word of mouth and an updated website.

I noticed that your social networks are present (which is good!), but very underutilized. I’d love to change that for you.

I’ve worked for many companies and celebrities, both big and small, and run social media pages. I believe in metrics and the sharing of information, to show that your message is getting across through social media.

I’d love to meet with you in person and talk about your social media pages- ultimately I am hoping to build a portfolio of clients here in New Jersey where I run their pages. Also, I’m including website design packages for free to clients who sign up by September 30th.

Thanks so much for your time.


Jay DeFuria

I sent that message to a variety of restaurants in the Greater Cherry Hill, New Jersey area, and was hoping my marketing experience could help their brand expand their business and share a message with consumers.

The list of places I contacted (in no particular order):

Treno Pizza Bar- Website, Facebook, Twitter

Brewers Towne Tavern- Website, Facebook, Facebook Fan Group, No Twitter

La Cita Authentic Mexican Food- Website, No Facebook, No Twitter

Hollywood Cafe and Sports Bar- Website, Facebook, No Twitter

Croces Pasta- Website, Facebook, No Twitter

Kabucki- Website, Facebook, No Twitter

Da Soli- Website, Facebook, No Twitter

Siri’s Thai French Cuisine- Website, Facebook, No Twitter

Adelphia- Website, Facebook, Twitter

Express Grub- Website, Facebook, Twitter

Fat Louie’s- Website, Facebook, No Twitter

What’s fascinating to me is the dynamic of the businesses I listed above- all have very high reviews on Facebook and Yelp- At least 4 stars. People love these places, but the people that love them seem to be local, older regular patrons. These establishments believe they are doing well (and they probably are), but social media marketing can really push your business to the next frontier. You know what that means?

It means more customers, and ultimately more money.

I have yet to hear from any of  these establishments, but many of these seem to be on the smaller side, so I’m sure it’s going to take time to read the emails and respond. I hope to hear from some of them soon- a fresher website (for some), better SEO, and Social Media Marketing could go a huge way to packing their establishments with new visitors.


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