Snapchat: Coupons for Business


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We’ve seen the disappearance of the 14-25 year old demographic off of Facebook ( But to which platform has this demographic moved? One of the biggest (and largely untapped) resources for businesses is Snapchat. And Snapchat could be what many large businesses need to be able to reach the 14-25 year old demographic.

First of all, I am by no means advocating ditching Facebook. It is still a valuable social network, and it’s better to have MORE social networks than fewer, which provides a greater net for your target demographic to  view your content/product/whatever it is that you want other people to see. Twitter is even more usable now, after I predicted that Twitter would need to fix their direct message implementation a full year before they made a change. 

Enter Snapchat- the app that kids can’t seem to put down.  More brands should be using Snapchat to drive their brand to this younger demographic.  You could hold promotions, send coupons, or even just use it to interact with followers in a new medium.   What I specifically mean is:

1. Promotions- Drive your brand with engagement on Snapchat

Type of Engagement Metric
“Send a Snapchat of _______ to be entered”".” How many responses
“The first to screenshot and resend ______.” How many screenshots/how many followers read

2. Coupons- Quick Coupons of variable pricing.

In this scenario, send coupons of 5% off, 10% off, 20% off and 50% off to your followers on Snapchat. Of 100 followers, send 80 5% off coupons, 10 10% off coupons, 6 20% off coupons, and 4 50% off coupons. Many would most likely look at the coupon before they even went to the store to use it, and it would spread virally on coupon websites.  Using coupons via Snapchat would be a great way to get new followers.

Do you have any other ways you could use Snapchat for a brand or business? Share your thoughts in the comments section!