Becoming a Social Media Consultant, Summer 2015

It’s officially Summer for me, as I’ve wrapped up my first year of teaching in a new district. As you might recall, last year, I tried to become a social media consultant. I didn’t have much luck, as I had only a few weeks before school started, and it’s hard trying to get in touch with local businesses. Local businesses just don’t think about social media the same way that larger corporations do.

I am embarking on my journey again to become my own social media consultant, as I was seeking a raise to a certain dollar amount, and I just didn’t get there ($1 per hour short of what I was willing to settle for).  It’s a bit difficult, as I’m having all kinds of issues with the new house (read the Chimney article if you haven’t…(redacted).

Where I excel at this point in social media is with the millennial generation. What are the millennials using? Vine, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I would expect everyone to realize that investment in this generation will lead to continued use as they grow up. Let’s look at the Apple Computer model? Sell computers (whole computer labs!) to schools at a reasonable rate. Remember those eMacs or the old iMacs? Now everyone wants Apple computers because they grew up on them.

My message above about getting consumers hooked on a product or service may work better for larger brands. Do you have any social media tips for local businesses? Sound off in the comments.