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What are millennials thinking about?

I am a participant in the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey Summer Institute for Educators. We’ve officially been in session a week, and it is very interesting to network with local businesses, tour facilities, and sit down with both public and private sector companies to identify what skill-sets are sought. And one major theme […]

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Congrats, Pioneer Class of 2015

I’ll preface it with this- I had hoped that I would have seen you folks graduate. I started with you, you were my first group of students, and you all hold a special place in my heart. Life is messy. I started writing this speech when you were freshmen. Dear Graduates, Faculty, School Committee Members, […]

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Wink Hub 2 versus Wink Hub 1

I have been working on getting into the Home Automation game, after finally buying a house of my own. I started out with a Wink Hub 1, that I had bought with the GE-Link bulbs a couple of years ago, on a deal around Christmas time. I was then part of the large Wink outage, […]

Life Ponderings

To the friends I’ve lost along the way

It’s really interesting to realize that as life goes on, it tends to get a little more lonely.  You lose touch, and eventually lose friends. The most important fact is to realize that loss of friends is natural. The first time I started to realize this fact was college. Everyone from high school goes off, […]

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SiriusXM lost me as a customer to Spotify, and how to get the best deal on SiriusXM

SiriusXM (SIRI) was one of the ways that I listed to music when purchasing my 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited. I was just starting to use Spotify, and Pandora was unreliable over 4g. But SiriusXM lost me as a customer, mostly due to information here on the internet. And SiriusXM wants to gain subscribers to keep […]

4 Social Media Customer Service Tips for 2016

With social media and our “always on” society, customer service has become one of the most important ways in which businesses can engage with stakeholders and improve brand loyalty. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reviewing some important facets that are crucial to ensuring a positive response of major brands and services . Ranked […]

Bitdefender Box Review- Not Ready for Primetime

From my Amazon.com review of the Bitdefender Box. “I received a Bitdefender Box test unit, and can’t imagine anyone ever purchasing this device. The first major flaw- It give its own DHCP connections. I have a pfsense box behind my modem, and was thinking I could use this in line before my guest wifi/Internet of […]

Becoming a Social Media Consultant, Summer 2015

It’s officially Summer for me, as I’ve wrapped up my first year of teaching in a new district. As you might recall, last year, I tried to become a social media consultant. I didn’t have much luck, as I had only a few weeks before school started, and it’s hard trying to get in touch […]

The Chimney Story- How Ridgway Chimney Service NJ ruined our Chimney

We just bought our first house. Our first house ever. We were really good about everything. We had a Home Inspection, and discovered some issues. Many of the issues were known about- a damaged masonry stoop on the guest entrance, settling sidewalk, a fence that has seen better days. Our building inspector did advise us […]