Girl Scout Cookies to be sold online

The Girl Scout Cookies have entered the social media space, switching to allow online sales of Girl Scout cookies. I’ve seen so much buzz around the social media space in the past in regards to Girl Scout Cookies, and this will be interesting to see how it affects sales. Apparently, each Girl Scout will have their own storefront, and be able to invite people to their store via email. As part of online safety, no personal details about the Girl Scout will be shared.

This is very interesting, as I think some of the vital skills that Girl Scouts learn through neighborhoods or booths is how to interact with strangers. One of the biggest lacking skills I see in my current students is their inability to make conversation with people that they don’t know very well. It is noted that this new rule came with the lens of teaching “vital entrepreneurial lessons in online marketing, application use and e-commerce.”

But who benefits more in this scenario? Are the Girl Scouts learning to code their own stores in CSS/PHP? Or is it provided? From my end, it looks like a cookie company just wanting to earn more money, and found a new way to do so.

Full New York Times Article:


  1. What a flying load of shit!

    Proof now that the GSA has no serious interest in the girls who join or for their achievements (of which my daughter completed and never received half of them at least). When it comes to the cookies, screw the girls, sell the cookies.

    The whole IDEA is to teach the girls salesmanship, to make *them* go out and knock on the doors and earn the money *themselves*. For how many decades now has it been that Mommy or Daddy will take her order sheet to work and put it to work as the silent salesman in the break room instead of one of them actually getting off of their ass and taking their Girl Scout off of her ass and out of the house to knock on doors, sell cookies, and get the sense of pride in being able to sell and achieve something, to actually know she’s helping to benefit the troop by her hard work and EARNING her sense of pride.

    No, for years it’s been out of her hands, she never has to knock on a single door. And NOW the GSA has gone cyber with their cookie sales. Screw you girls, just sell cookies! Cookies we will make smaller and smaller and package fewer and fewer into a box each and every single year!

    Gawd, you have fallen soooooo short of your original charter.

    If you can’t encourage the girls to do it the right way, keep your damn cookies.