Moodle to study for midterms!

Last weekend, I spent a vast majority of my Saturday making quizzes for my students to review for their midterms for my class.  The Moodle system is powerful, but not very intuitive, at least from a teacher’s standpoint.  But, providing the practice quizzes was more of a priority than the backend follies with Moodle in its current form. I made four quizzes, one quiz for each of the … [Read more...]

Moodle as a social tool

I’ve been using Facebook as a learning tool for a while.  I originally started using Facebook as a way to pass on homework, as I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go with Facebook.  I use a Facebook page for my class, and do not accept friend requests from students.  The Facebook page allows me to reach students in their homes. I’ve now started asking “Questions of the Day” to … [Read more...]