The Importance of Open-Source Education

After completing a course on how to implement technology into the STEM disciplines, I realized that education must be open source.  So much of what we expect students to know needs to be open source, along with all of the labs that we complete, all of the worksheets we have, and all of the activities we run with our students.  Why is this so important?  It makes the education … [Read more...]

The transition in Public Education

Yesterday, we had a big meeting due to NEASC accreditation.  The task was to look at the strengths and needs of the school, which had been boiled down to a list of 7 strengths and 7 needs.  It was really interesting to see this list, and with this list try to figure out if they were indeed the 7 greatest strengths and needs.  This list had me thinking a lot about what education … [Read more...]

Moodle as a social tool

I’ve been using Facebook as a learning tool for a while.  I originally started using Facebook as a way to pass on homework, as I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go with Facebook.  I use a Facebook page for my class, and do not accept friend requests from students.  The Facebook page allows me to reach students in their homes. I’ve now started asking “Questions of the Day” to … [Read more...]