The transition in Public Education

Yesterday, we had a big meeting due to NEASC accreditation.  The task was to look at the strengths and needs of the school, which had been boiled down to a list of 7 strengths and 7 needs.  It was really interesting to see this list, and with this list try to figure out if they were indeed the 7 greatest strengths and needs.  This list had me thinking a lot about what education … [Read more...]

Moodle to study for midterms!

Last weekend, I spent a vast majority of my Saturday making quizzes for my students to review for their midterms for my class.  The Moodle system is powerful, but not very intuitive, at least from a teacher’s standpoint.  But, providing the practice quizzes was more of a priority than the backend follies with Moodle in its current form. I made four quizzes, one quiz for each of the … [Read more...]

Biology Recap 1/10, 1/11, 1/12

In the double block this week, we used microscopes to look at two different types of cells.  We used Compound Light Microscope to view Elodea (Plant) cells, and Human Cheek (Animal) cells.  There is a particular way to use the microscope.  We received the microscopes with the stage lowered, and the scan objective selected. You carried the microscopes back to your seats with one hand … [Read more...]

Biology Recap- 1/9/2012

I’m starting a daily Biology recap about what I covered in Biology class.  We covered some major themes, including unicellular (one-celled) versus multicellular (more than 1 cell).  Most multicellular organisms are made of many specialized cells. The next theme we talked about was Cell Theory.  Cell theory is made of two main facets: Cells are the units of structure and … [Read more...]