Biology Recap- 1/9/2012

I’m starting a daily Biology recap about what I covered in Biology class.  We covered some major themes, including unicellular (one-celled) versus multicellular (more than 1 cell).  Most multicellular organisms are made of many specialized cells.

The next theme we talked about was Cell Theory.  Cell theory is made of two main facets:

  1. Cells are the units of structure and function in all organisms, and
  2. All cells come from preexisting cells.

Cell Theory (like any other theory in Biology) is not proven. (We can never prove a theory, only provide support for it.  There has been no evidence opposing Cell Theory.

We also talked about types of microscopes, including light microscopes, phase contrast microscopes, and electron microscopes.  We use light microscopes in our Biology class, which often require a dye to see the contrast of the cells that we are viewing.

The last theme we talked about was prokaryotes versus eukaryotes.  Prokaryotes have no nucleus and lack many organelles that Eukaryotes have.Prokaryotes are the oldest form of life, and are able to live in extreme environments. 

Eukaryotes have the organelles that we have been talking about in class, and include plants, animals, and Fungi.  Eukaryotes are named for having a nucleus that contains the Nucleic Acids (DNA).