End of Journey Due to Injury

Despite the planning and training that went into bicycling across the country this summer, I am unable to complete this endeavor at this point in time due to an injury.  While I was peddling through Pennsylvania, my right knee started to hurt to the point where I was unable to pedal.  I was taken to the emergency room and the original conclusion was tendonitis.  I was instructed to rest 3 days, … [Read more...]

Day 10…Spring City

Today I resumed the trip. It was nice of Shawn and his family to take me in for 3 days and have me as part of their family. If you are down on the Jersey shore be sure to check out the Seakist. It was a lot of cornfields today...not anything worth noting. There was nuclear cooling towers towards the end. Its always iinteresting to see those. I also got a picture of Wawa for those of you in … [Read more...]

Day 7, Day 8, Day 9

Rest Days!  On all of these days I've been hanging out with my roommate Shawn and his family in Southern New Jersey.  I've been off of my feet and taking plenty of Ibuprofen.  I woke up today and my leg feels a lot better, and tomorrow I will be restarting and going to Spring City, PA from where I left off.  The following day I will be going to Lititz, PA.  The day after that (depending how I … [Read more...]

Day 6 Frenchtown, NJ to Broad St. Dublin, NJ

Today was the start to a set back in the trip. I started peddling in Frenchtown, NJ and my right leg was not feeling so good above the kneecap. I stretched it out but it was still hurt. I had to walk my bike down a gravel path so I didn't pop the tires. About 4 miles down this path in the middle of the woods was what I think was one of those secret federal prisons. I ended up on the side of … [Read more...]

Day 5 Walpack, NJ to Frenchtown, NJ

Quick update before I go to bed! Got up, tried to say bye to Jim but couldn't find him. I left and it was quite the climb to milbrook village. I biked through the woods in the delaware water gap today. There was a ton of wildlife everywhere. I was held up by a thunderstorm and tornado warning in Portland, PA. It passed and I managed to navigate between the rest of the storms. There was a … [Read more...]

Day 4 Walker Valley, NY to Walpack, NY

Today was an interesting day. Jackie made me a delicious breakfast and my legs were sore so I waited a while to depart. Dan gave me a ride up the road to the top of the hill, which probably saved me from peddling in the dark tonight. Progress was slow, as my legs are just so sore. I made my way to Port Jervis, NY and ate at a diner for lunch. I kept on peddling and ended up in the middle of … [Read more...]

Day 3 Amenia, NY to Walker Valley, NY

This will be a short post as I need sleep, but it was a good day. I the trip was difficult with a hill at the beginning, but it ended up working out well. My legs are getting much stronger with the riding. I just want to give a shout out to the guys at the Bicycle Depot in New Paltz, NY. They fixed my stretched cables and gave me a spare tube for my bike as a donation for my trip. My … [Read more...]

Day 2…Enfield, CT to Amenia, NY

Today was a long and trying day. I woke up and Kathryn made me a delicious egg sandwhich. I then left Enfield the house by 8:30. I was cruising along in Windsor Locks, CT right near Bradley airport, and all of the sudden something snapped and I lost control of the back wheel of my bike. Luckily I have quick reflexes and regained control. I was going around 20 mph at the time. Turns out my … [Read more...]

Day 1…Gardner, Ma to Enfield, CT

Today was the first day of my journey! There was an awesome sendoff from the big chair in Gardner. I was happy so many people were able to come out and show their support! I noticed a few things on my trip today: Most downtowns are dieing with boarded up buildings and factories. However, the American dream still exists, with flags on the telephone poles in these towns. There are a ton of dead … [Read more...]