Day 6 Frenchtown, NJ to Broad St. Dublin, NJ



Today was the start to a set back in the trip. I started peddling in Frenchtown, NJ and my right leg was not feeling so good above the kneecap. I stretched it out but it was still hurt.

I had to walk my bike down a gravel path so I didn’t pop the tires. About 4 miles down this path in the middle of the woods was what I think was one of those secret federal prisons.

I ended up on the side of the road sitting down. Another cyclist, Dale, reccomended that I go to the e.r. I went via ambulance and Dale took my bike for me.

They did an xray and didn’t find any broken bones, and concluded it may be a muscle injury or tendonitis. I was instructed to rest for 2 days and see how it is.

My roommate Shawn, his sister Ashley and his girlfriend Christine came to my rescue. We went out to dinner and I’m staying with them while I rest the leg. We will see what Thursday brings, but I am optimistic.


  1. Hang in there and rest, and it was gods will that you spend some time with your friends and rest!

  2. Ben and Eleanor says

    Don’t hurt yourself! At least you’re waylaid in beautiful…oh…new jersey at a….secret prison. Get better soon!

  3. Tricia Rapacki says

    Rest will be good; let your leg heal and get stronger.

  4. John Mulqueen says

    This is not a race. Listen to your body and rest as the doctor said. Hand in there and stay out of prison, secret or not.