Most Popular Tweet this week “Christmas”

Mashable posted an article today about the most popular trends this week.  Christmas was the most popular topic, followed by the Lunar Eclipse and others.  Does it mean more twitter users celebrate Christmas?  I’m not exactly sure.

However, it does mean that we in the social media game can investigate what people are tweeting along with Christmas.  As the article pointed out, many had Christmas wishes and wish lists.  I decided to look around myself and see.

Today, on Christmas day, a lot of the tweets had to do with wishing others a Merry Christmas.  It looks from what I’ve seen, that younger tweeters posted about what they got for Christmas.   It makes me wonder what kind of influence this has on their followers.

Companies might even be able to incorporate twitter into their marketing campaigns.  If you see what’s hot, you might be able to encourage them based on your social media strategy.  I would personally love to run some contests and reward loyal brand tweeters over the holidays!