Forget SOPA and PIPA, reality TV causes piracy

It’s interesting to me that today, SOPA and PIPA were finally destroyed (at least for this year).  It’s great that SOPA and PIPA are now dead, but is piracy truly a problem?  Is there something that is destroying jobs and Hollywood in general?  I believe there is, and the main cause is reality television. Think about this: Reality TV has to be costing a lot of people jobs, because … [Read more...]

SOPA and PIPA still exist, have serious implications for SEO

The world of SEO will be a different place if SOPA and PIPA are passed and signed into law here in the United States.  Many had thought that the Stop Online Piracy Act had been killed, but it turns out that Representative Lamar Smith is planning on reviving the act.  When are our representatives going to realize that we’ll vote them out if they continue to vote in favor of acts that hurt … [Read more...]

NDAA signed into law, which scares me completely.

The National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law on December 31st, 2011, and takes away rights of American citizens suspected of being terrorists.  Which rights am I talking about?  The first is the 6th amendment, which as a refresher is that you are entitled counsel.  The other right dates back before the Magna Carta and was taken when writing the Suspension Clause in … [Read more...]

Reddit Users to use Go Daddy Success and target Congress

Reddit did a great job on mobilizing the fight to boycott Go Daddy.  In fact, I was so inspired by many of the redditors contributions that I made a post talking about which companies I will be boycotting because of their SOPA support.  I just can’t stand and let the Stop Online Piracy Act get passed into law so America doesn’t lose its first amendment rights. Reddit users have come up … [Read more...]

Boycott Companies Supporting SOPA

SOPA is terrible for the American public, and will risk America censoring the government similar to the way that Chinese citizens are filtered from the internet.  It’s a bummer that this bill would even be proposed, but unfortunately there are so many lobbying causes looking out only for the record and movie companies.  SOPA would be the final nail in making America non-competitive in … [Read more...]