Reddit Users to use Go Daddy Success and target Congress


Reddit did a great job on mobilizing the fight to boycott Go Daddy.  In fact, I was so inspired by many of the redditors contributions that I made a post talking about which companies I will be boycotting because of their SOPA support.  I just can’t stand and let the Stop Online Piracy Act get passed into law so America doesn’t lose its first amendment rights.

Reddit users have come up with another idea- to show Congress that there are consequences for being a sheep/ not reading the bills you receive for yourself/ voting opposite of what your constituents want.  Many on Reddit are picking targets including Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Senator Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee,Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Representative Lamar Smith of Texas (who co-sponsored the Stop Online Piracy Act HR 3261), Representative Steve King from Iowa, and Representative Bill Owens of New York.

Its interesting because if the Stop Online Piracy Act were to pass, we probably would have a harder time discussing this freely online.  It’s disappointing that we are switching more to a 1984 like society where the United States is doing a lot to monitor the public and control its ideas.  It’s too bad that we have lost some rights due to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

I would like to see democracy in action to remove the Senators and House Representatives who are trying to censor the internet.  I love this idea of having the internet as a means to organize against a particular member of Congress.  Who would have thought that social media would be the way to control who gets elected, the time that official stays in office, and when it’s time that they are removed.

Members of Congress- your time is limited.  It’s time for the Internet “Revolution” to completely reshape how,the typical United States citizen, are represented. 


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