SOPA and PIPA still exist, have serious implications for SEO


The world of SEO will be a different place if SOPA and PIPA are passed and signed into law here in the United States.  Many had thought that the Stop Online Piracy Act had been killed, but it turns out that Representative Lamar Smith is planning on reviving the act.  When are our representatives going to realize that we’ll vote them out if they continue to vote in favor of acts that hurt the United States public.

Much like there is an industry built around search engine optimization, we will probably see that industry change.  It will be much easier for the United States Government to take down websites, and we might see an industry formed on reporting websites.  We might even see some shady companies hack other companies, upload copyrighted material, and then report that website.  There is very little recourse in these bills, and it would be disappointing to see good websites taken down.

My real question is about what happens to sites taken down and their impact on other sites SEO rankings.  If your website is taken down, does it affect the rankings of every site that you have linked to?  If you have live previews of other websites enabled on your site, and that other website is taken down for copyrighted material, can you website be taken down as well?

It’s time that we vote the supporters out of office.  The movie industry is doing so poorly because they are paying millions to lobbyists, not because people are downloading movies.