Day 8- Does it matter what model year?

I was asked by another good friend if it matters that I get the “latest and greatest” version, or would I take an older version that might have been sitting on a lot for a while.  I’m not a picky person, so my response was that I would definitely take ANY car that was given to me, although it might make more sense trading content for a newer car. There are already tons of reviews on 2009 or … [Read more...]

Day 4- The Waiting Game

Right now I’m playing the waiting game; neither Ford nor Scott Monty has provided any further comments on the reply I provided.  I did tweet at Scott Monty, who did verify that he had read the blog post.  I’m just hoping to maintain open lines of communication to see if we’re able to work something out. I’ve been asked why I would like a Ford Fusion Hybrid, and the biggest aspect is the … [Read more...]

Ford Fusion Car Quest Day 2: No Results

It’s been a day since I sent my last tweets out asking the Ford Motor Company if they’d be willing to help me out.  It seems as if they are not in the holiday gift giving mood.  In fact, I haven’t even received a reply from them yet. I am wondering if other companies would be more receptive, including the two I mentioned yesterday.  To refresh your memory, the other two cars I was … [Read more...]