Day 8- Does it matter what model year? hybrid.20337842-300x189

I was asked by another good friend if it matters that I get the “latest and greatest” version, or would I take an older version that might have been sitting on a lot for a while.  I’m not a picky person, so my response was that I would definitely take ANY car that was given to me, although it might make more sense trading content for a newer car.

There are already tons of reviews on 2009 or earlier Ford Fusions, but very little real world reviews on the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrids.  I’d be happy with any of those cars and to help create real world reviews on those products to assist new owners of cars.

As many of us are aware, Ford is trying (and succeeding) in converting their brand into one of the 21st century, and separating their brand from the other American car makers.  Ford is trying to make a big push (on Ford Fusions) and is even rumored to be converting some of their manufacturing facilities to accommodate the building (and selling) of more Ford Fusions.

I wish everyone good luck on finals if you have them!