Day 4- The Waiting Game


Right now I’m playing the waiting game; neither Ford nor Scott Monty has provided any further comments on the reply I provided.  I did tweet at Scott Monty, who did verify that he had read the blog post.  I’m just hoping to maintain open lines of communication to see if we’re able to work something out.

I’ve been asked why I would like a Ford Fusion Hybrid, and the biggest aspect is the over 40 mpg. With the global fluctuation in gas prices, I think it’s important to be paying attention to future gas prices rather than reflecting on current prices.  The current trend is one where we are experiencing a large increase in gas prices, with higher gasoline prices in Asian countries.

I also very much like the technology and overall interior of the car.  If you look at the picture above, you can see what I’m talking about.  The Ford Fusion Hybrid has a beautiful interior, complete with intuitive controls and gauges.  It’s an elegant design that is super functional.

I’m looking forward to seeing an official reply.  I’m hoping that reply will tell me that there’s a chance a car would be under the tree this year.

PS- Thank you for reading this blog.  I had the 2nd best day since I’ve been tracking analytics yesterday, with ~50 new visitors per day.