Logging Life on Android

It is interesting to me how much feedback that you can get from your smartphone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I like to keep track of many aspects of my life.  Specifically, I track my calorie intake as well as my sleep schedule.  I am going to review the apps that I use to keep track of this information. One of the apps that I use to track my calorie intake is Noom Weight Loss … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone for a little over a week, and I can honestly say that it is one of the best phones I’ve ever owned.  It’s right up there with the Motorola Original Droid, which was finally retired last weekend.  There are many reasons why I love the Galaxy Nexus, of which will be discussed in the following post. I love the screen on the Galaxy Nexus.  The … [Read more...]