Logging Life on Android


It is interesting to me how much feedback that you can get from your smartphone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I like to keep track of many aspects of my life.  Specifically, I track my calorie intake as well as my sleep schedule.  I am going to review the apps that I use to keep track of this information.

One of the apps that I use to track my calorie intake is Noom Weight Loss Coach.  I have been using Noom for about a year, and find it to be the most intuitive of the weight loss applications on Android.  Noom logs by portion sizes, not by nutrition labels on the back of whatever item that you are eating.  The best feature, in my opinion, is the weight graph.  I like to see my weight declining on the graph, and it’s definitely a motivator to get to the gym.  Worksmart Labs, the developer of Noom, has put some serious effort into making Noom one of the best free apps for Android.  I’d highly recommend Noom to anyone looking to lose weight.

Another app the I use to lose weight is MyFitnessPal.  MyFitnessPal has a great calorie counter, which provides an extensive calorie database.  You simply enter the food that you have eaten, and about 95% of the time someone else would have entered the nutrition label.  MyFitnessPal also provides a free website, if you need to log your calories and you have somehow become separated from your phone.

Finally, Sleep as Android allows you to log and monitor your sleep activity.  I first discussed the fact that I have been tracking my sleep in “The one resolution I haven’t kept.”  I love the ability to log my sleep statistic and track with levels of sleep I am experiencing each night.  Sleep as Android allows you to track your sleep nightly, and analyze trends that you observe via the application.

Smartphones are providing the typical human  being with many self-monitoring applications.  For many activities, including sleep and weight loss, smartphones can provide an excellent opportunity to judge how well that you are sticking with whatever goals you have met.  I highly recommend Noom, MyFitnessPal, and Sleep as Android for everyone to try and use on a daily basis.