Zune HD 32gb, Rest in Peace


Today was a huge bummer, because my Zune HD has been crashing for a while.  I figured I would try to restore my Zune to factory state and see what I could do about fixing those crashes.  It turns out that my Zune is having some larger issues, I’m guessing specifically related to the flash memory.

My Zune is no longer connecting to my computer, and I’m guessing it’s finally dead.  I know in today’s day and age, I can use my phone to stream a lot of Google Music or Pandora in the car, but I don’t like to bring my phone to the gym.

I am now in the market for a mp3 player to use at the gym.  Any suggestions?


  1. May I suggest NOT the new iPod nano. Its too small. I miss the old iPod nano. I had what I think was the 3rd generation, and I miss it so much. The new one with its touch screen is too fancy for me. I want to be able to change songs while its still in my pocket. I don’t like that you practically restart it every time you shut down or turn on. Its not simple. And simple is what I look for for an mp3 player. If I wanted complicated, I’d just use my phone.