Will Ford give a fan a car?


I am starting a series on feedback via social media companies, and rating them on their online efforts.  It will almost be a report card of sorts of different social media strategies, and how to interact with a previous client or a new customer.  I assume that I will have to set up some newer Facebook and Twitter accounts to be able to truly rate some companies.

The first task I am trying is to convince the Ford Motor company that I need a new car.  As you’re probably aware, I’m a teacher and being a teacher doesn’t really amount to being one of the richest people in the world. 

I’ve been looking at the Ford Fusion Hybrid for a while, and have heard much about the revision due in 2013.  It sounds that this car will definitely meet my needs (of both being Eco Friendly) and having some great technology in it.  I’ve also looked at the Toyota Prius (but am not a Prius fan after that whole braking incident) as well as the Honda Civic Hybrid (which looks nice, but I will have to test drive).

Here’s the plan: I’m taking offers for a new car.  I’m going to hopefully publish a post a day and tweet at the Ford Motor Company each day.  Let’s call it the “Ford Fusion Car Quest” and see if there’s a good soul at the Ford Motor Company that is willing to help me get a car.  Help me retweet this and get accomplish my goal!