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Ideal Window Mfg. Inc.
100 West 7th Street
Bayonne NJ 07002

For most of the windows in my house, I would probably leave a very favorable review. The problem is the two windows that have had their seal break.

The windows were bought in 2005. We noticed the seal broken, and it’s been on the list of forever to try and figure out who made the windows (there is no branding on them). One of my friends, with a different brand of windows, actually just had her window with an issue replaced for free (she hadn’t had them installed, the previous owner had). I ended up finding the label in the window frame that had information.

I called, and was told that I had to pay a $50 fee within 30 days of buying the house (which was in 2015) to be able to assume the lifetime warranty of the windows. They consider this to be a service fee. Additionally, the warranty is ONLY the parts, per their terms and conditions. They charge an additional fee for installation.

So Ideal Window Manufacturing refuses to replace windows with a lifetime warranty, charges a fee to have the warranty enforced, and charges a fee if you sell the house for someone to actually obtain the warranty that’s already guaranteed with the windows?

Please reach out if you are facing similar issues, I am working on putting together a class action lawsuit.


  1. Jason,
    Our windows our a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. READ the Warranty and follow.

    The windows were never transferred as part of a transfer as per our Warranty.

    Ideal Window Lifetime Warranty is transferable by the original property owner to one subsequent owner provided the Certificate of Transfer of Warranty is completed and sent to Ideal Window within thirty (30) days after the date of transfer of ownership, along with a check or money order in the amount of $50.00. Upon the transfer of ownership, the new homeowner will be covered for a period of 10 years from the original window purchase date.
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