EZ Local Savings Relaunched Website


I’m currently (as of this writing in Dec 2011) the Director of Marketing, Social Media, and New Products at EZ Local Savings, a local business marketing company.  EZ Local Savings markets for local businesses through a variety of means, including social media, text message coupons, coupon books, direct mail, and more.

One of the coolest things that we offer is pay for performance search engine optimization.  It’s super effective, and I’m glad it has been working out so well for so many local businesses.  Search Engine Optimization can often be a tedious process in which some brands won’t notice any initial movement, as it occurs over time.  I think our pay for performance SEO is one of the best products that we have.

The reason I love working with EZ Local Savings is the fact that we are helping build local business.  I’ve met the local business people.  I have friends in college who are working at these places.  It’s awesome to be able to work with real people and keep money in the community.

Check out our website: http://ezlocalsavings.com/