Day 5 Great Guys, why a car?

I really like the Ford Motor Company’s social media representatives. Both Scott Monty and Craig Daitch respond quickly, are super friendly, and pretty logical. I appreciate the fact that they are actively reading my blog and responding when appropriate.


As my roommate Ted pointed out, as well as my friend Jon: “Ford can’t give you a car. Because if Ford gives you a free car, every asshole in the world will try to get a free car out of them. That means that they would have to say no and they’d look like bad guys.” That’s a great point, one where I thought about.

Why not turn this into a situation to benefit everyone? What if I were given said car for real world reviews on every single aspect of the car. Real life reviews of the Ford Fusion Hybrid, how it holds up in lovely New England in the winter, etc.

Speaking of New England weather, the big reason I need a car is because Dolly sadly ended up being totaled on I91 south in Greenfield, MA. Dolly, for those of you who don’t know, was my 1998 Subaru Forester. There was black ice on the on-ramp, and the Dolly rolled over. I walked away fine, Dolly was deemed a loss. I feel required to share with you Dolly’s last hurrah.

Enter video caption here

So what am I driving right now? Luckily, Mom has been letting me borrow the 2006 Civic. I don’t know where I’d be without her (or how’d I’d be getting to work), thanks Mom!


  1. We kind of do that already, with members of the media (new and traditional) who have a much wider reach.