Bought 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited


After doing all of my research last weekend and trying to get my best price on Hyundai Elantras from different dealerships here in Western Massachusetts, I finally decided to buy a car.  If you remember, I was looking for a 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited in Red Allure with the technology package.  I had been dealing with Brian Houser at Balise Hyundai in West Springfield, who ended up being a real sleazebag.

I decided that I would see if I could match the price that I had from Balise Hyundai.  So I sent out emails on Monday morning.  I didn’t hear back from Hyundai of Keene (their communication had turned out to be poor), nor did I head back from Ford of Greenfield in a timely fashion.  I figured I could stop in at Country Hyundai, test-drive one of the cars I was interested in, and go from there.

I worked with Chris, and we went through the typical process of buying a car.  I test drove the car and very much liked it.  We couldn’t initially agree on a price that I was comfortable with, so I ended up leaving.  On the way home, I realized that no on at Country Hyundai had asked if I was a recent grad, so I called them up and asked if we could reach the price I was looking to pay.

Mike Paquette, the manager I was working with, was able to give me a great deal, similar to the deal I was looking at from Balise.  Mike told me to come back and we could fill out the paperwork.  I went back to Country Hyundai in Greenfield and we filled out all of the paperwork to get the buying process started.

Because I was looking for a specific car, Country Hyundai didn’t have it in stock.  They told me they’d locate the specific Hyundai Elantra I was looking for.  On Tuesday evening I was alerted that the car I was looking for would be at the dealership on Wednesday afternoon.

I stopped by Wednesday afternoon, test-drove the car, and did the rest of the paperwork with Ryan Fluet, the finance manager.  We went through all of the required steps, and I was told to stop back on Thursday to pick the car up.  My roommate dropped me off on Thursday night, I picked up the car, and everything worked great!  Chris helped go through all of the options before I took it off the lot.

I cannot explain how helpful Country Hyundai was in helping me purchase my car, and how they are probably one of the best secrets here in the Pioneer Valley.  It was a great experience, and every aspect went faster than I could have hoped for.  If you’re in the market for a new car, absolutely go check out the Hyundai Elantra, and let Country Hyundai help you out.


  1. Nice ride! I am looking for the exact same car but can’t find it anywhere! Did they come down in price at all from the msrp? I have emailed a bunch of places, many aren’t budging on the prices.

  2. I had a terrible experience with Balise, where they were jerking me around. I did get a quote of $20,333 from Balise. I brought this quote into Country Hyundai and they were able to match it. Please note, you can get some free money if 1. you are a recent college grad (they need diploma) and there’s also the Hyundai Motor Matching Program, where you can get an extra $500 matched for free! Details-