USPS could cut Saturday Mail; it doesn’t make sense


The United States Postal Service has announced that it may cut Saturday mail in an announcement about what is being done to cut the losses that it is enduring.  I agree that with the internet around, less people are sending information through the mail.  But I think there is a better solution.

I just can’t believe that there is talk about getting rid of Saturday service; it just doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of things.  It would make sense to cut out Wednesday service.  Think about it: 2 days without mail?  There are people (mostly of the older variety) on TV talking about the issues with mailed prescriptions.  If you get rid of Wednesday, there is nothing to worry about; there wouldn’t be two consecutive days without service.

Mashable had an article detailing the impact on Netflix-and it’s some good reading.  Check it out here.  I’d hate to lose two consecutive mailing options, and I will miss the fact that the mail won’t be as quick.  Farewell, Springfield, MA USPS sorting facility!