The Secret of Life

I was laying here in bed, thinking about how much I accomplished today (and then I realized I forgot to update my blog) and realized that I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to.  I’m pretty sure that it’s one of those lessons; Life has interruptions, distractions, and missing pieces.  Life isn’t perfect.

And with all those interruptions, distractions, and missing pieces, life becomes perfect.  The lesson is to never give up, to keep going throughout the good times, the bad times.  The secret of life is that we are here, for a reason, to do something important. 

Maybe it’s that spirit that keeps a lot of us going.  The saddest part to me is that I try so hard to help people see that you can’t ever give up, and there are still people that do.  The true lesson here is that I will keep trying tomorrow, because once you give up, you’ve lost it.

Maybe the real secret of life is that we all have some sort of motto that drives us.  (One of) My Dad’s mottos was “There are only so many hours in a day.”  You have to pick and choose what you are going to do.  My Mom’s was along the lines of planning something out “High School, College, House, Marriage, Child…in THAT order".”  George N. Park’s was “Eyes with Pride,” that we need to focus on being proud of everything that we’ve accomplished.

And then there’s me, and I’ve decided to make my life’s motto “Be a better person than you were yesterday!” incorporating all of the quotes that I was raised with into one major theme.