The Hashtag is dying (Twitter)

Why do I think the hash tag is dying?  Because on any given day, Hashtags are only 40 percent (or less) of the trending topics on twitter.  Right now, there are currently 4.  Twitter is being used for news, and now textual phrases are what rules.  Through two word phrases, I am able to learn about a natural gas line that exploded (PG&E), a new MTV show called “Silent Library” (Silent Library), and  that Don’t ask, Don’t Tell is unconstitutional (unconstitutional).

The Hash tags right now are "#abortionclinicplaylistsongs” and“#ghettocollegecourses.”  These don’t tell me anything, they are just things that people find comical.  All too much, news becomes boring to read and people want to be entertained.  That has become the role of hash tags- to entertain.

What’s the take home point for marketing from this?  You need to make news and entertain to win on twitter.  There will be those individuals who only read the hash tags for entertainment, and those who will only read the news.  In the essence of a Gladiator Quote, you must “Win the crowd,” all of these tweeters.