Superbowl 46 Advertisement Turnout

I’m sure like many people (173 million people estimated to view), you watched the Superbowl tonight, if only for the advertisements.  The big game was exciting towards the end, and I was excited the the Giants won (or was it that the Patriots lost?)  But the real losers this year were the advertisments.

Advertisements were attempting to be social, but still haven’t got there yet.  We saw some hashtags added as an afterthought, but there wasn’t an impressive outcome as I had imagined.  Hashtags have to be incorporated to the beginning of a commercial to stay in people’s minds.

One of the most interesting things that I noticed during the game was #capecodchipparty was trending on Twitter.  This trend was absolutely not fueled by a commercial; it was solely trending for some other reason.  I am proud of Cape Cod Chips to get a trending topic without having to use a commercial as the cause.

Many of the commercials were for cars, and did NOTHING to tell us of any features of the car or benefits of buying that particular car brand.  There were also a few funny Doritos commercials.  We were unimpressed by both the Pepsi (Elton John) and Coca Cola (Polarbear) commercials.  The Bridgestone commercials were equally dull.  It’s hard to think that many of these brands paid millions of dollars on these lame commercials.

What am I most excited for in Social Media?  The fact that The Voice is back on NBC.  The Voice has the best social media of any television show I’ve seen thus far.

Oh, and I guess it’s interesting that Riot Videos of UMass Amherst caused by the 2012 Superbowl have already reached Youtube…