Social Media and Today

This video sums up what’s happening now with social media; it’s becoming one of the most important tools for companies to sell goods.  We use social media to sell products now, and it’s really important to understand the techniques are required to sell your products.

I’ve written some manuals on the best practices of adding individuals on social media, and I’m willing to share some of these tips with you.  I work part time in the social media industry right now, but am hoping to get more hours.  These tips and papers I share will hopefully be shared on my linked in and I am really hoping that I will be noticed for my success in social media.

What makes me different in social media?  I put my psychology degree to work when examining what I see.  I use my biology degree to examine the correlation between the way I work and the results that are produced through numbers of fans added on Facebook and numbers of followers on twitter.  This translates into exposure and ultimately sales of the brand I am working with.