How do I get the person of my dreams? How do I win someone back?

I have been spending a couple of months seeing a couple of people go through some difficult times, and it’s hard to explain all my thoughts in person to them at one point in time.  These guys have gone through the relationship gauntlet, and received the statement of “I don’t see a future with you.”  But these guys had different responses.  One went on to think about finding the person of their dreams.  The other went on to think about winning that person back.  I have solutions for both of these responses.

There is one fundamental understanding that needs to be conveyed.  I am going to say this, and say it once for you guys who are feeling absolutely worthless, and afraid that your life isn’t going to move forward.  You are the reason thing’s aren’t moving.  You are living in mope-city and not allowing new and better things to happen.

The problem with most people is that they create a lot of the problems that they then need to solve.  Stop getting in your own way and start making changes in your life.  Your whole existence should be about being better than you already are.

I think most people want to get to that point where they feel comfortable with everything.  People like feeling comfortable.  But if you’re not improving, then what are you doing with your time?  No one was born to take up space here on Earth.  Everyone is destined to do great things.

I think you see this in college the most.  So many ideas, so much focus on improving the future.  But then what happens?  People go out into the world and become careful, and settle for easy solutions.  Many people never reach their potential because they get held back in all the crap that is life.  People get beaten down and settle for being average.

Look back at history and argue with me about how this isn’t true.  Every great civilization has crumbled because they became complacent being at the top.  People need to stop settling for worse than they deserve.  They need to stop going backwards and letting the past dictate the future.  Life is not the stock market; and just like they say on Wall St. “Past results do not predict future success.” 

It’s time to start being awesome now…today.  So how do you go about this?  Pick something that you like to do and become the best that you can at it.  Then, find what you’re weakest at and make it a strength.

From reading “The Art of Happiness,” I agree that most people are focused on finding one “single most important relationship.”  There are 7 billion people on this Earth, we can’t just waste time focusing our sole existence on finding that on person; there is so much out there.  There are friends, family strangers (who could be friends!).  But we focus on finding that “one special person” when it is absolute crap.

Here’s the kicker: there is no one person out there waiting on you.  Every person that you meet has traits that are compatible or not with yours.  And while you sit around bullshitting about that perfect person you are cheating yourself out of finding what you want and don’t want.  You are keeping yourself back from solving the real problems in life.

Here’s what you need to stick with you.  No more negative moments.  No More wasting time.  You need to take action now, go do something amazing.  It’s time to make a change.  I promise that if you work on you, people will start to notice and that’s when your adventure begins.  Stop postponing life from happening; stop sabotaging happiness.