Goals if I win the HGTV Dream Home 2012

The HGTV dream home 2012 was unveiled a week ago, and is located in Midway, Utah.  The home looks nice, but small, and would be an awesome prize to whoever wins it.  In addition to winning the home, you also get $500,00 and a new GMC Terrain.  Sounds like a great prize, and Lauren and I have made a pact if we win.

First off, we’d buy an RV so that during the summer we can travel the United States in style.  It wouldn’t have to be a flashy RV, just one that can get you around with ease. 

Second: Buy a vacation house somewhere in Italy.  This is more Lauren’s department as she loves Italian culture.  She mentioned buying a house somewhere in the Bay of Naples region.  Either somewhere in Southern Italy, or Tuscany.

Third, probably figure out if my teaching license is reciprocal in Utah.  I’d probably only investigate this if we actually won.

Fourth: Head over to Olympic Stadium and ride the Bobsled.  Seriously, they’ll let you do it.

I’ll keep entering everyday and hope for the best!