Bitdefender Box Review- Not Ready for Primetime

From my review of the Bitdefender Box.

“I received a Bitdefender Box test unit, and can’t imagine anyone ever purchasing this device.

The first major flaw- It give its own DHCP connections. I have a pfsense box behind my modem, and was thinking I could use this in line before my guest wifi/Internet of Things network. It doesn’t work that way.

The second flaw- 100mbps ports. Why they wouldn’t eat the ~$3 cost for a gigabit in this day and age is ridiculous. It slows the network to a crawl.

Overall, very disappointing. This could have been a gamechanger for the consumer that knows little but needs their house secured. But lack of web interface, difficulty to setup, and flaws mentioned above make this a dead-on-arrival device.”


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