Bike Ride Across the United States Summer 2010

It was around this time last night when I was awake and thinking about certain things that I wanted to do.  What came to mind was traveling the United States.  I have always wanted to go to all 50 states and see the best of what is there. 

While I wanted to do this in a car, and eventually I will get to it, I decided Summer 2010 is going to be about a bike ride across the United States.  I began to research as much as I could and came upon a website with great information and routes.  This website even gave me bike routes.

Here is the planned route, using the routes from the aforementioned website.


Tomorrow I am going to start training for this at the gym, and think about purchasing the bike to be able to train.  I am very excited to begin this, and look forward to what I can accomplish.