Why does Comcast not understand their customers?

All over TV, you’ve been seeing these Comcast guarantee advertisements, with so called employees explaining what it is and what to expect.  It is located at this link for your reference –>http://www.comcast.com/Corporate/Customers/CustomerGuarantee.html.

It all started the other day, when I realized that our internet was much slower than it should be.  I did some network tests, and found out that I was topping out at 1.9 mbps.  Strange- I’m paying for 12mpbs.  So I started chatting, with rep Ivan, chat id: 4d9dc419-7329-4546-b182-c1cd46b3e8ff.  Ivan told me that on December 29th, from 8-12 he could send a technician out.  I thought “Wow, that’s quick, Comcast really is doing better by their customers.”  Wow, I could not have been any more wrong.

No technician showed up.  I called the 1-800-COMCAST number, and found out no service call was scheduled by that rep Ivan.  Ivan had given me a job number-566281519 that didn’t reference anything.  This is strange, and I want my internet fixed, as it’s hard enough to work in social media.  It’s hard enough to take time off while trying to make enough money so you can drive to school.  I talked to two really nice individuals, Edna and Billy.  I also talked to Billy’s boss, and they really wanted to help.  He tried to get a technician out, but apparently they were all still busy from the blizzard.  He did end up crediting me $60 for my time and frustration.  I thought sure, we’re moving in the right direction.

I then called the executive offices and asked to talked to Brian Roberts, you know the CEO of Comcast.  Unfortunately, I got an assistant who said she would look into it.  That number is 216-286-8960 for your reference.  If you skip that 1-800-Comcast number, it seems these people can really cut through the Comcast red tape.

I received a call from Roger, from a Connecticut area code.  That number is 860-505-3399.  He inquired about my availability- I had already taken the day off from work, I was available.  He told me and promised me a technician would be out between 4 and 8 that day.  I sat in, I waited.

I received a call from Dudley, Ivan’s supervisor.  He apologized and told me that Ivan was being reprimanded.  Then he told me something more interesting- He isn’t employed by Comcast- it’s through sort of contract work.  That’s awesome, Comcast doesn’t even want to pay these people in China a proper wage probably.  Dudley, rep id SUPDUDLEYC alerted me that the Technician had come out, and no one was home.  Are you kidding me?  I received no call from the technician.  Go back to that Comcast guarantee- No call is the technician not following #7.  He didn’t call.  Better yet, HE LIED and probably got paid for the call, but never showed up!

I then called support again, and was talking to a rep by the name of Corey.  He would not give me his id because he said he wasn’t able to- weird, as everyone else had been.  Corey set up an appointment for me on Friday, when I wouldn’t be available. I got transferred to his supervisor Craig, rep id 43845 and HE HUNG UP ON ME! Craig and Corey, what about promise #2?  You are supposed to treat me with courtesy and respect, right?

I called back and immediately wanted to talk to a supervisor.  I was furious.  I told the woman that she could read the notes if she needed anything.  This was the 5th hour that I’d spent on the phone with Comcast JUST DURING THIS DAY!  She was rude, again not following Comcast’s guarantee.  I finally got Justin, id 30564 who got me an appointment for (earlier today) Dec 30th, from 8-12.  Great, more time I have to wait around.  JobID number for this was 677833.

The technician came, told me my signals were fine but there was outside noise.  It might be ingress.  He left quickly, went out to the box, and was never seen again.  I received a call from Roger, and received his private line.  This is probably a great line if you’re in Comcast New England and need help: 860 505 2112.  He told me about the technician saying I wasn’t home last night- not true whatsoever.  Roger apologized, then asked how my service was since that Comcast technician came out and fixed it.  WHAT?  He never fixed it!

Roger said he would look into it and call me back.  I really should learn to not trust these people- I never got a call back nor did he answer whenever I called.  I started trying other numbers on different last digits.  You can get all kinds of interesting people that way.  I must have left something around 15 different voicemails, and use the automated system to try to put in service calls to myself.

Now I’m on twitter talking to @ComcastMelissa and @ComcastBill.  They really aren’t results driven, and their social media is basically existent because their company screws so many people.  They are there to hold hands and say “You will be helped” (albeit much, much later).  Why can’t we roll a truck tonight?  It’s affecting MY ENTIRE APARTMENT COMPLEX!

My question to you is- What do you think is a fair resolution?


  1. William Baker says

    You know it man, comcast is the worst If tomorrow morning I learnt that Verizon Fios was available for me, I would not only call up comcast and cancel my service I would tell them they can go F them selves over the phone.

    For the past 4 days I’ve been dealing with phone techs, a home tech that was rude and basically told me I was screwd something was wrong in Noblesville I’d have to wait till they fixed it *and was further rude when I complained he had made me wait for an hour just to tell me something he could have told me over the phone and he became argumentative* phone techs lying to me, Another home tech that didn’t show up but called to tell me the problem was in kokomo and they still hadn’t fixed it.

    I eventually talked with @comcastbill like you and I personally found them very helpful…but my problems still haven’t been fixed, I believe I now have 2 supervisors working on my problem Diane whom got wind of my massive problems via comcastbill and Marlene a phone tech I finally got a hold of and gave a major earful of my problems, Marlene actually has my personal cell and says she will call me monday, and Diane gave me her direct extension.

    I never knew about the employee ID’s I’ll have to make sure to get those next time I have a problem with this shit service…Heres hoping they atleast give me some credits for this, they already owe me a 20 dollar credit for the tech that never showed up.

  2. We pay for 15/2, well actually 6/2 (down/up), because the speed they advertise is with their “PowerBoost.” Every day our internet is slow (1.2/.5 normally), this get extremely annoying when I try to upload 2GB videos to youtube! How hard is it to get decent internet?!?!?! My school has 20/10 (when I did a speedtest) and that was below average for their ISP (source: speedtest.net). I cannot wait for Google fiber!

  3. also: comcast puts up to 15 people (well in my apartment complex) on one line. Once we had no internet for a WEEK because of it, I think there should be a 2 or 3 people per line limit.

  4. William, I hope you are getting serviced. The employee ID’s help, and asking for them off the bat helps them realize that they should be helping you and that is their job as reps.

    Parker, I completely understand. 15 people sounds like what they have here. It could very well be a bad amp. Can you log into and post your results?


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