Twitter Social Media Tools #1


I decided that I am starting a column based on the tools that I currently use to help make Twitter more automated and maximize time spent.  The first tool I am going to write about is  I use Just Unfollow on EZ Local Savings as well as my personal Twitter.  I also used Just Unfollow when I worked for Mosaic Sales Solutions on the Dell University account.

Just Unfollow is very intuitive, and has options for ensuring you follow or unfollow accounts quickly and easily.  After you login with your Twitter account, you are greeted with the picture at the top of this page.  You can choose to show your Non-Followers, show your fans, Show the Inactive accounts that you follower, or show all of your followers.

The first step that I use to “clean up” my twitter account is to show the inactive users that I am following.  I set the options to no tweets for 3+ months, and unfollow those accounts.  I then show my fans and go through and follow accounts that I find interesting.  Finally, every 7 days, I spend some time showing my Non-Followers, and unfollow accounts that are not following me back.

One of the features that is very useful is the “Copy Follower” link.  You are able to find similar users to you, enter their username and Just Unfollow finds the most active accounts that follow whatever similar user you input.  I’m sure you can see the benefit of being able to find the followers of similar users, particularly in a business sense.

As of this writing in January 2012, Just Unfollow is $9.99 for a premium account, which allows you unlimited follows and unfollows