The one resolution I haven’t kept yet

I’ve been doing a great job of sticking to most of my resolutions, but there is one that I haven’t been able to manage.  I haven’t been able to keep sleep under control, and I’m getting about 5 hours per night because of the sole fact that I am so busy.  It’s hard to get back to a standard sleep schedule after being so flexible during school vacation week.

Today I am following the suggestions of two websites to get more sleep.  The first website offers practical advice, and gives me some room use ideas to think about.  Because it’s winter, I only rarely use my sunglasses.  I haven’t been able to get consistently to bed at a certain time, and then often takes naps as they suggest to catch up on some sleep,  But the naps that I’m taking are too long from what this and other websites suggest.  In fact, one of the tips from that same Guardian article say that you should drink coffee and then take a 30 minute nap to increase alertness.  I’ll try that tomorrow

The Mayo Clinic also provides useful advice on how to get better sleep.  The item I find particularly interesting is the bedtime ritual.  I’ve been hoping to read more, so maybe each night I will focus on 30 minutes of reading before bed, to avoid that backlit computer and tv screens that can interfere with sleep.

I’ve been tracking my sleep with the Sleep as Android app on Android.  It’s super nice to be able to quantify how much sleep of each level that I’ve been getting.  The Sleep as Android app has been giving me some data that I should absolutely go to bed earlier.

Do you have any hints on how to get better sleep that you’d like to share?  Leave them in the comments!