The missteps of a Social Media Marketing Company


I was poking around the internet today, doing my weekly roundup of video game news that I might have missed.  What I was greeted with was one of the most shocking stories in social media customer engagement that I have ever read.  And that story starts between a customer and Paul Christoforo. 

The first misstep here is the fact that Ocean Marketing did not listen to the customers concerns.  You can see the lack of listening throughout the first emails Read them over for yourself- it is just crazy to me the lack of concern, even at the beginning of the interaction.

The second misstep is the lack of transparency.  We can see that Ocean Marketing was doing very little to update customers on order problems or delays- this could have been avoided with transparency about operations, and what was being done to rectify the problems for the customers.

The third misstep is taking the frustration out on the customer.  Obviously, when we can’t meet an obligation for whatever reason, someone is going to be frustrated.  That was Dave the customer in this senses.  However, the company CANNOT ever get frustrated with it’s clients or fans.  Customer Service is a fairly easy practice to do well.  The key is listening to what service you need to provide.

Kotaku has also found some information on Paul Christoforo, which is very interesting.  Penny Arcade also put up an update on the situation- of which I wholeheartedly agree with.  Finally, there have been other customer service blunderings by Christoforo and Ocean Marketing or Ocean Statagy (his misspelling, not mine) located here.

Christoforo’s company is located here– I suggest you don’t use them.


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