The General Plan


Hi Everyone.

Here is the general plan for the trip.


I am raising funds in two ways. To donate via check, send your donation to:

Lions Haiti Fund

P.O Box 483

Gardner, MA 01440

If you would prefer an online donation, please visit You can give your donation via paypal.  *Make sure you specify Jason DeFuria in the notes section*

The Route

Date Departure City Arrival City Mileage Rest Day
2-Jun Gardner, MA Enfield,CT 67
3-Jun Enfield, CT Amenia, NY 67
4-Jun Amenia, NY Ulsterville, NY 59
5-Jun Ulsterville, NY Millbrook Village, NJ 59
6-Jun Millbrook Village, NJ Stockton, NJ 74
7-Jun Stockton, NJ Conshohocken, PA 30 Week 1 REST
8-Jun Conshohocken, PA Elm, PA 75
9-Jun Elm, PA Jarrettsville, MD 71.5
10-Jun Jarrettsville, MD Brookeville, MD 59
11-Jun Brookeville, MD Mt. Vernon, VA 45 Pseudo Rest Day
12-Jun Mt. Vernon, VA Fredericksburg, VA 55.6
13-Jun Fredericksburg, VA Richmond, VA 61
14-Jun Richmond, VA Yorktown, VA 70
15-Jun Yorktown, VA Charles City, VA 38.2 Week 2 REST
16-Jun Charles City, VA Bumpass, VA 71
17-Jun Bumpass, VA Reeds Gap, VA 86.4
18-Jun Reeds Gap, VA Troutville, VA 77.5
19-Jun Troutville, VA Draper, VA 66
20-Jun Draper, VA Konnarock, VA 66
21-Jun Konnarock, VA Honaker, VA 59
22-Jun Honaker, VA Birchleaf, VA 24 Week 3 Rest
23-Jun Birchleaf, VA Hindman, KY 101
24-Jun Hindman, KY Booneville, KY 65
25-Jun Booneville, KY Bighill, KY 42.5
26-Jun Bighill, KY Maud, KY 76.2
27-Jun Maud, KY Sonora, KY 46.6
28-Jun Sonora, KY Fordsville, KY 58.8
29-Jun Fordsville, KY Utica, KY 27.5 Week 4 Rest
30-Jun Utica, KY Marion, KY 65.7
1-Jul Marion, KY Simpson, IL 86
2-Jul Simpson, IL Murphysboro, IL 54
3-Jul Murphysboro, IL Saint Mary, MO 70
4-Jul Saint Mary, MO Centerville, MO 79
5-Jul Centerville, MO Houston, MO 76
6-Jul Houston, MO Graff, MO 22 Week 5 Rest
7-Jul Graff, MO Fair Grove, MO 57.5
8-Jul Fair Grove, MO Golden City, MO 63.2
9-Jul Golden City, MO Walnut, KS 67.4
10-Jul Walnut, KS Toronto, KS 61
11-Jul Toronto, KS Elbing, KS 83
12-Jul Elbing, KS Nickerson, KS 60
13-Jul Nickerson, KS Larned, KS 62
14-Jul Larned, KS Rush Center, KS 31 Week 6 Rest
15-Jul Rush Center, KS Dighton, KS 73
16-Jul Dighton, KS Selkirk, KS 65
17-Jul Selkirk, KS Chivington, CO 64
18-Jul Chivington, CO Sugar City, CO 73.3
19-Jul Sugar City, CO Pueblo, CO 60
20-Jul Pueblo, CO Silver Cliff, CO 61
21-Jul Silver Cliff, CO Howard, CO 35 Week 7 Rest
22-Jul Howard, CO Sargents, CO 50
23-Jul Sargents, CO Sapinero, CO 60
24-Jul Sapinero, CO Montrose, CO 41
25-Jul Montrose, CO Placerville, CO 42.5
26-Jul Placerville, CO Rico, CO 37.7
27-Jul Rico, CO Delores, CO 37
28-Jul Delores, CO Monticello, UT 75
29-Jul Monticello, CO Blanding, UT 20 Week 8 Rest
30-Jul Blanding, UT Hite, UT 111
31-Jul Hite, UT Hanksville, UT 50
1-Aug Hanksville, UT Torrey, UT 48
2-Aug Torrey, UT Boulder, UT 37
3-Aug Boulder, UT Henrieville, UT 60
4-Aug Henrieville, UT Panguitch, UT 37
5-Aug Panguitch, UT Cedar City, UT 51.5
6-Aug Cedar City, UT Milford, UT 61.5
7-Aug Milford, UT Garrison, UT 84
8-Aug Garrison, UT Ely, NV 66
9-Aug Ely, NV Eureka, NV 78
10-Aug Eureka, NV Austin, NV 68
11-Aug Austin, NV Middlegate, NV 66
12-Aug Middlegate, NV Fallon, NV 60
13-Aug Fallon, NV Carson City, NV 71.5
14-Aug Carson City, NV Kirkwood, CA 48
15-Aug Kirkwood, CA Placerville, CA 55.5
16-Aug Placerville, CA Sacramento, CA 52.5
17-Aug Sacramento, CA Vallejo, CA 73.5 DONE BIKING
18-Aug Vallejo, CA San Francisco, CA Ferry


  1. Hey Jason. Amenia is my home town. Went to Elementary school there:) John thinks that’s pretty cool. We were just there memorial day weekend. Be safe:)