SEO and 2011


As I’m sitting here, perusing Craigslist and watching CNBC, I realize that I am surrounded by brands.  There are brands that we now realize are constantly in contact with us.  But why are these brands placed so near us all of the time?

The answer, and I’m sure my web-savvy friends know this, is Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO.  SEO is important: think about human nature.  You go to your favorite web browser, and go to Google.  You want results on deworming your cat.  So you Google that, and you look at the results.  Now stop and think, as you are really only looking at the first page or so of results.  It is important where Google ranks your page, so you can be seen on the web.  It’s also important to note the advertisements, the people who pay to be seen on that page when you search the web to find what you are looking for.

We are living in a time where there is a shift from this kind of advertising (which will still be important), to a time where we are focusing more and more on what people are sharing.  Have you noticed that you are paying attention more to what your social graph is saying about particular products?  We need to move to thinking beyond traditional SEO rankings, to make brands that resonate more with consumers.  I am starting an SEO section here to try to show exactly how to think about SEO in the future.


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