Marketing in 2012 using Blogs


With a week down in 2012, I decided it was time to talk about the future of what we are going to see in regards to products and social media.  Many people are turning to personal blogs to share their opinions on politics, products, brands, and more.  This shift is going to drive a shift away from a materials driven economy to one that values longevity.

Think about it: more people have less money than in the past.  We see that through numerous Occupy Wall Street protests.  Companies and products are being analyzed thoroughly to decide what is the best bargain- the cheapest product that lasts the longest amount of time.  No longer will a company be allowed to intentionally make a product that breaks to drive a future purchase and more money for the company.  Blogs are changing the way that products are reviewed because there can always be follow ups that say how long the item lasted and why it malfunctioned. 

I have been in contact with some major car companies to try to get a head start on the paradigm of car reviews.  Look at the typical review- someone reviews a car for a couple of weeks and writes a review about it.  I am proposing that I would write a review on features of the car for the life of that car- showing the true benefits and aspects of the car that could be improved.  I hope Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, or Honda will take me up on the offer to start some innovative real life blogging for whatever company decides to give it a try with me.